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Tyler Sims Outfitting is Wyoming’s Premier Outfitter when it comes to hunting Wyoming Antelope, Wyoming Elk, Wyoming Mule Deer and of course Prairie Dogs. We offer the best guided hunts in Southeastern Wyoming and we have been doing this by having great success on 250,000 acres of private land. All hunts with Tyler Sims Outfitting LLC are on private land for antelope, deer, elk, and prairie dogs.

Please give us a call to plan your next trip to beautiful Wyoming. Located near McFadden Wyoming.

Tyler Sims Outfitting entered more animals for the 2015 competition in hopes of placing again.


Call Tyler Sims LLC for more information about your next Wyoming Antelope, Elk, Mule Deer or Prairie Dog Hunt – 307-760-5596 hunts

Antelope hunts

Antelope hunting in Southeast Wyoming is at its best. We have thousands of acres to hunt on with thousands of antelope. With the high numbers of antelope you will be able to find the pronghorn of your choice. You can shoot a Boone and Crockett buck, or you can chase a freak for the week. That is one nice thing about antelope, they can’t hide.


Elk Hunts

Elk hunting in southeastern Wyoming is a relaxing hunt. No horses and no tents only warm beds and hot showers in my camp. All the elk hunts are from the lodges that are located in Arlington and McFadden Wyoming. From there you will have about a twenty minute drive to prime elk hunting country. With a nice easy walk you will be able to find a bull of your choice.


Mule Deer

Mule Deer hunting in Wyoming is a growing trend. Our numbers are increasing but we take a very limited number of hunters. You will be accommodated by a warm and relaxing lodge with hot showers. You will have another short drive to find the mule deer of your choice.



Preference Point Reminder

It is again the time to apply for elk, deer and antelope preference points. If you are planning a hunt to Wyoming in the future, purchasing preference point is a wise idea. They are on sale from July 1 to September 30, and the cost per point is: antelope $30, deer $40 and elk $50 and only $10 for youth hunters. Please take the time to look at our website for out preference point program that I offer. With this program I will pay for your points in the end. How it works is you select a 3 or 5 year program you pay for these points upfront. When you decide to apply for a license we will deduct your point money from your hunt. If you choose to go somewhere else in Wyoming we will refund your money that was not spent on points. Please remember the money we do not refund is money we spent on your points that you can use anywhere in Wyoming.